How often should my trees be pruned?​

For most trees, we recommend pruning 1-2 times per year. However, feel free to call Aim High Tree Service to schedule an appointment!

Why do I need to prune my trees?​

Pruning helps make sure that trees are growing properly, ensuring that even the lower/hidden branches are being hit with sunlight. Pruning can prevent trees from rotting, growing crisscross and causing bigger problems down the road. Don't forget about how having properly pruned and trimmed trees and bushes can increase your property value!

When should I cut my tree down?

There are cases when your tree needs to be cut down. Is this tree leaning toward your property? Could this tree lead to structural damage? Is this tree putting your safety at risk? Call Aim High Tree Service for a consultation.

What hours of the day do you provide emergency tree services?

Our team offers emergency tree services on a 24/7 basis. Since we're responsive and always prepared, we should be your first point of contact when tree issues arise.